About ABAATE, Inc.

ABAATE, Inc. (Anti-Bullying Anti-Aggression Training & Education, Inc.) is a non-profit organization (approval pending) dedicated to the reduction of instances of bullying in schools and beyond. Further, our intent is to reduce the criminal victimization of persons who have been trained not to defend themselves by outdated policies. Moving forward, it’s our belief and goal, that society must accept the individual’s right of self-defense and the nobility of defending others who are either too weak or unwilling to defend themselves. Our Mission and Vision statements are:

It is the mission of ABAATE to decrease instances of bullying among children of all ages and adults in a variety of circumstances through a combination of educational programs focusing on avoidance, communication and victim refusal strategies alongside legislative and lobbying efforts to mandate empowerment of victim self-defense training and actions.

ABAATE supports a future where bullying is reduced or eradicated through the removal of the potential victim pool, and where the societal reduction of personal crimes is a realized long term benefit that increases in impact across time.